Day: March 22, 2023

Low Doc Loan
low doc loan

low doc loan: Is One Right for Your Business?

A lot of people aren’t sure about applying for a low doc loan when they’re looking for business finance. It’s understandable. If you’re not familiar with a no-doc or low doc business loan, you can be wary of them. Fortunately, a no-doc business loan was designed for business owners that don’t have sufficient financial history […]

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low doc home-loan
low doc home loans

How to Get a Low Doc Loan for Your Property

Low doc home loans are a type of mortgage that doesn’t need the same income verification paperwork as a standard loan. Lenders will often accept alternative documents, including tax returns and a self-declaration form to verify income. It might seem a bit unusual but traditional lenders have tightened their restrictions which have left millions unable […]

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